We are proud to offer a new resource: Teaching Food Systems and Sustainability in Nutrition Education and Dietetic Training: Lessons for Educators. This document is a compilation of lessons from more than 30 food, nutrition, and dietetics educators at universities and food organizations in the United States and Canada. It is intended to provide guidance to educators who teach university level courses in food, nutrition, and dietetics; mentor dietetic interns; or supervise service learning and projects by student organizations, including the teaching of lessons to K-12 audiences.

Lessons provide

  • background information, 
  • learning objectives, 
  • detailed procedures, and 
  • suggestions for adaptations and extensions where appropriate. 

In survey research conducted by HEN members, participants agreed that educators of future nutrition and dietetic practitioners have a professional obligation to teach their students about sustainability issues. The majority also agreed that sustainability should be an important consideration for American consumers when making food choices and were interested in learning how to incorporate information about food systems and sustainability into their pedagogy. Only about half of educators felt confident in their own understanding, and less than half felt confident in teaching topics related to the sustainability of the food system. A strong majority agree that if the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics provided resources, they would consider using them. This compilation of Lessons for Educators is an effort towards satisfying the need for teaching resources.

Download Lessons for Educators (2013) [1.9 M PDF]


HEN members are involved with a number of issues related to our vision that all people have access to food from a healthful, sustainable environment. Those issues include Domestic and International Hunger, Community Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, Organic Food Production, and more. Click on the links below to read about these issues. 

Resources on Hunger and Food Security (2013) [475 K PDF]

White Paper on Antibiotic Use in Food Systems (2011) [665 K PDF]

Hot Topic: Perspective on Benefits of Organic Foods (2009) [209 K PDF]

Sustainable Food System Task Force Primer (2007) [1.5 M PDF]

Organic Food Production Talking Points (Revised 2007) [304 K PDF]

Food Sleuth Radio [external website]


FNCE Dining Guides

Note that some information may be out of date. Please call ahead to confirm details.

Philadelphia Restaurant Eating Guide (873 K PDF)

Denver Sustainable Dining Guide (99 K PDF)

Chicago Good Food Dining Guide (120 K PDF) 

The following is a list of additional topics and resources currently available to members. For more details, log in and go to the Resources and Education section.  Non-members, we welcome you to join HEN as member of the Academy or as a Friend of HEN.

  • Sustainable Food Systems
  • Organic Food Production
  • International Hunger
  • Domestic Hunger
  • Film Resources
  • Water Resource Guide (updated 8/09)
  • Public Policy
    • Government 101: How a bill becomes a law
    • How to get involved
    • Making Legislative Contact
    • Grassroots Manager
  • Healthy Land
  • Farm Bill Resources
  • FNCE Program Planning