HEN Webinar: Waste Watcher’s Series Webinar #2: Jamaican Pumpkin Soup

The Human and Environmental Nutrition and Public Health and Community Nutrition Dietetic Practice Groups have partnered together to bring you the “Waste Watchers Series” – a series of webinars focused on the reduction of food waste and utilizing what you have on hand to cook a delicious meal. In the second installment of this series, Sherri C Pinero you will cover the basics of composting, including what to compost and creating and maintaining a compost. You will then join a cook-along session. Teslyn Henry-King will demonstrate how to make "Jamaican Pumpkin Soup", while sharing cultural food norms and preferences and factors influencing dietary practices in Caribbean populations. You will have access to the recipe prior to the event, so you can gather your ingredients and cook along if you'd like!

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CPEU: 1.5
CPE Level: 2
Performance Indicators: 2.1.1, 8.1.2, 12.1.1

Learning Objectives

  1. Promote an understanding of cultural food norms, preferences and factors influencing dietary practices in Caribbean populations
  2. Explain the basics of composting and describe the elements of composting
  3. Identify what to compost and compose a compost for personal use


Sherri C. Pinero, MSFS, RDN, CDCES

Sherri C. Pinero is the Hunger and Environmental Nutrition Group’s Nominating Committee Chair and Webinar Co-Chair. Sherri is an entrepreneur where her mission is to support the use of sustainably grown ingredients while providing the resources and education to help make informed food choices. She provides an innovative approach to delivering hands-on nutrition education programs through the healthcare setting; to individuals and groups through telehealth technology; and by way of connecting eateries to local farmers to help source fresh, organically grown ingredients. She also works at Kaiser Permanente as a health educator and pediatric endocrinology clinic dietitian. In her role at Kaiser, she has developed programs that support biodiversity and address the major determinants of environmental nutrition and has created educational materials and standards of care that promote the consumption, preparation, and waste of sustainability-grown foods. She is a cohort member in Practice Greenhealth, a member of the Sustainable Agriculture Education Association, and has her Master’s degree in Sustainable Food Systems.

Teslyn A. Henry-King, MPH, MPA, RD

Teslyn A. Henry-King works in the public sector as a nutrition educator and program planner with a focus on low-resource, hard to reach communities and communities of color. As a leader in Public Health, she directs SNAP-Ed outreach and promotes nutrition and disease prevention in an effort to mitigate chronic disease issues affecting minority populations. She aims to revolutionize the quality of life of individuals, families and communities through a multi-disciplinary approach that includes addressing the built environment, systems, and policies perpetuating health disparities. Teslyn holds a BS in Nutrition and Dietetics from Oakwood University, an MPH in Nutrition from Loma Linda University, and MPA in Public Administration from California State University San Bernardino. Outside of work, Teslyn enjoys developing and sharing plant-based recipes, exploring new travel destinations, reading, and game nights with family and friends.

When:  Jun 5, 2022 from 05:00 PM to 06:30 PM (CT)
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