Policy & Advocacy

Public Policy Committee

The Hunger and Environmental Nutrition (HEN) Public Policy Committee is dedicated to helping HEN achieve its mission of leading the future in sustainable and accessible food and water systems through food and nutrition education, research and action. The Policy Committee focuses on influencing policy and participating in civic dietetics.

Public Policy

  • What is Public Policy and Why Is It Important?
    • impacts the nutrition resources that are available to clients and patients, the sustainability of our food and water systems, and the scope of our practice as nutrition professionals.
    • is a core function of the Academy and its HEN DPG, and it’s critical to achieving our missions, visions, and goals.
    • includes laws, regulations, and actions decided and taken by federal, state and local governments that relate to a specific issue or problem that impacts the public.
    • Public policy is important to nutrition professionals because it:
  • Policy Priorities
  • Nutrition and Dietetics Legislation
  • Health Equity


  • What is Advocacy and Why Is It Important?
    • Grassroots advocacy is identifying, embracing and promoting a cause to shape public perception or influence public policy. It’s a process by which stakeholders make their voices heard. As nutrition experts, it’s up to us to advocate for health and nutrition policies, and share our related experiences. Legislators and regulators may not have the information or perspective they need to create and implement legislation or regulation that supports our communities and our profession.  Grassroots advocacy can include joining the Academy’s Action Alerts, meeting with and educating a member of Congress about how a proposed policy will affect constituents, writing an opinion editorial (op-ed) or Letter to the Editor in a local media outlet, sending an email to your member of Congress, and connecting with your Senators or Representative on social media.

Connect & Learn

  • To amplify critical and timely policy and advocacy efforts of the Academy, visit the Action Alerts corner of eatrightpro.org! Action Alerts make contacting your elected officials and you can edit the template letters provided to add a personalized touch.
  • Government 101 is a helpful overview detailing the process of how a bill becomes a law.