Thank you for your interest in joining the Hunger & Environmental Nutrition (HEN) Dietetic Practice Group (DPG)!

Take a look at our Membership Brochure and visit the Academy's DPGs page to join today. Learn from other HEN members the reasons to join HEN in this video.

As a HEN member you will receive these benefits:

  • Online access to the Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition
  • A quarterly newsletter rich with in-depth reporting on issues, at times offering free CPE credits 
  • Connection to an active, engaging Electronic Mailing List (EML) 
  • Quick updates and eZines on important issues, including legislation, trends, and networking opportunities
  • A voice and advocate within the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (Academy) on important issues
  • Opportunities to meet colleagues and make lifelong friends that share your values and enthusiasm 
  • Networking opportunities at conferences around the country
  • Opportunity to be a part of the HEN Speaker’s Bureau, which offers groups the unique perspective of dietetic professionals 
  • Recognition of your efforts by your peers with the opportunity to be nominated for the HEN Award
  • Potential recognition for your contributions on HEN projects that help fulfill the DPG's mission
  • Reduced rate for student members
  • Award and scholarship opportunities for international members
  • The HEN Mentorship Program, which is an exciting opportunity for experienced professionals, young professionals, and students

Academy Members

Academy members can select to join the HEN DPG when renewing their annual membership, or at any time during the year, for $35. The cost for Academy student members is $25 per year. You can access the Academy DPG membership page here.

International RDs and DTRs

Every year the HEN DPG offers a scholarship to an RD or DTR who is working internationally in the food security or sustainable food systems arena. The scholarship provides a one-year paid membership to the Academy and to the HEN DPG. Go to the HEN Awards and Scholarships page for more information.

Student Members

Student members are important to the growth of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the DPGs.

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