Mentorship Program

HEN Mentorship Program is a value-added membership program that allows our members to learn from each other. As a HEN member, we encourage you to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity - as a mentor that passes along knowledge or as a mentee that is starting out as a new RDN or as an RDN interested in changing jobs to align more closely with new interests.

The process is relatively simple: mentors and mentees submit applications and each mentor is matched with a mentee based on personality, interests, and career goals. Each year, HEN will announce the application process through all communication channels. The mentor/mentee relationship lasts at least the entire membership year. Mentors/mentees are provided with guidance from the program coordinator at the beginning of the relationship and every two months afterwards and will have continual access to the program coordinator as needed.

Read the experience of one mentor/mentee pair below.

From a Mentor:

Over the past year, my experience serving with the HEN Mentorship Program as a mentor has been a fun and rewarding opportunity. When I first heard about this program, I was inspired by the chance to help the future HEN sustainability leaders of tomorrow jumpstart their first years in the field. I remember my own time of transition from school to the work world and how meaningful it would have been to have someone to ask questions to, bounce ideas off of, learn where to find resources, network, and get connected. Working with my mentee has been wonderful—we met monthly over the past year throughout her transition from passing the RD exam to diving into her work as a farmer dietitian. We were able to share resources and track how food system movements were developing from our respective regional contexts—Vermont and Oregon. I would highly recommend joining the HEN Mentorship Program for all HEN dietitians who are looking for a minimal time commitment service opportunity with a lot of heart.

From a Mentee:

The HEN Mentorship Program was the perfect thing for my first year of being a dietitian! My mentor and I were a great match and we had mutual interests, goals, and experiences. We talked once before I passed my exam and then after I passed. She helped me better understand the CPEU logging process, shared resources that applied to my new job and career interests, and got me connected to the HEN leadership team where I now hold two positions! The HEN Mentorship Program did a great job matching us and checked in regularly about the progress of our mentoring relationship. I highly recommend participating in the program for all HEN members either as a mentor or mentee!